Mother Behold Thy Son. Son Behold Thy Mother. John 19:23-27 

We gather on this Sunday Morning, The second Sunday in this Month on which honor our Mother. The Jewel of The Created Beings.  And perhaps the strongest of Human Species. 

Our text for the morning is centered in The Crucifixion Events. Jesus takes time while dying to emphasize the importance and priority of a support system for motherhood and reaffirmation of the role of children with regard to Parental Care. Joseph at this point is no longer alive and in The Jewish Tradition, The care for the Mother and The Estate falls to oldest living Male.  The Oldest son provided care while living and under Jewish Tradition could obligate the next male in bloodline or could assign care to someone else if he deemed that in the better interest of the family wellbeing. Now we know Jesus has at least 4 brothers and the scriptures makes reference to unnameable sisters. Read Matthew 13:55&56.

So here is Jesus on The Cross-Crucifixion, the horrific Roman Death Penalty Punishment has been executed and so He is hanging on the cross between two other death row convicts. Soldiers are unknowingly fulfilling scripture as they gamble for His garments with the exception of one article of garment which was prophesied.

And while dying Jesus takes care of Legal Responsibility, His near kinsman responsibility with two admonitions: 

First He catches the attention of His Mother and entrusted her in the care of His Beloved disciple, John. He realizes that in spite of His dilemma that He had a blood born responsibility to secure the welfare and well being of His Mother even if it meant taking the focus off of His own dying. Implicit in His statement is the suggestion that there will perhaps come a day when we are tasked with caring for those who have given the better days of their lives caring for us. The test of true sonship and daughterhood is we position ourselves to honor those parents whose welfare becomes ours. Take time to become emotionally vested financially secure and spiritually grounded and obliged. Honor of and obedience to are the security that God gives to enable us to exercise this responsibility. Do right by them when they are nurturing you so that the spirit and skill of nurturing can be birthed in you.

Next He looks at His Beloved Disciple and says Behold Thy Mother. Jesus and John Had a unique relationship. The scripture repeatedly highlight this and allude to the fact his mother Salome and Mary are sisters thus making he and Jesus first cousins. Moreover this would provide another layer of insulation with her going to live with her sister. Moreover it known that he and Jesus were closer than the other disciples and therefore were more relatable.  John had accepted Jesus’s Messiahship early on and had witnessed many believing moments in The Ministry of Jesus.So he entrusted him with the care of His Mother. He empowers him to make the decisions regarding her welfare. He obligates Him To love her as he loved her sister.  Now implied here is that John has Christ Ordained Authority to intervene and intercede in the care and well being of  Mary thus implying that when the time comes that care has to be yielded the placement has to be accepted. It should be a seamless process. Then also there is the implication that we stand in The Gap for Christ and our standard of care ought to reflect our relationship to Him…

Lastly our responsibility is nonnegotiable. He didn’t ask for opinions, He gave directives and whatever Christ deems best for His Mother he certainly intends that to be the standard of regard for us in dealing with our Mothers. Treat your mom the way Jesus treated His. Love Your Mom the way He loved Mary and honor her life before you go to your grave and as if you may go yours first…