As Often As You Do This..  I Cor  11:23-26

Probably one of the most Significant Witnesses Of The Christian Church Is The Sacred Observance of Communion.  Too often if observed it has been reduced to a shallow routine far different from the directive given by Jesus himself.

In fact it’s timely that we ask ourselves, why do we gather to perpetuate this ritual?  It is a Memorial but not just a mere tradition one….  We should be conscientious about doing it and Jesus should be the Focus of why we are doing it. Thus every Believer is eligible to receive.  But Paul suggests even some stronger symbolism and I want quickly to lift those.

Remembering His Past Sacrifice  His Body and Blood … His Sacrifice was Ordained and Necessary.

Sharing In His Presence Post Resurrection… His Victory Over Death and Sin offers us deliverance from death and sin.

Anticipating His Triumphant Return… This life is only one dimension of our lives. We are preparing for The Next Life with Him.