What A Difference A Day Makes… Psalms 118:19-24

To better understand stand you have to apply to get proper grouping of The Text. Using the 5Up 5Down…. If I am to determine the verses that best belong to this series. Those that convey the real message and it’s not really verse 24 but rather verses 19, 22 and 23.

This Psalm is a simple request for salvation and a confirmation of where to find Salvation. The question is where do I find salvation…

The answer is…  intuitive relational and Eternally Consistency.

First it’s intuitive based upon a good distinctive feeling. Israel had this feeling that God had a love for those who pursued righteousness and when their quest was to walk in righteousness then The favor and Presence Of God was manifested.  They also had a feeling of isolation when they were disconnected from this feeling. Likewise we like every human being are endowed with this sense of intuition Jekalyn Carr  refers to it as “Winning Season “ because our intuition of Him sets the tone and tenet of our perception about life. When have this feeling that God exists and is a rewarded of those who seek Him then we experience illumination or enlightenment about how God manifest Himself and The Priority or Favor extended to those who seek to exhibit His Nature.

The next answer to finding Salvation is relational verses  20 and 21 express that Salvation is the express privilege of those who have secured a unique designation. The Psalmist refers to them as The Righteous and you cannot be declared as such until you have entered into a right relationship with Him, where we affirm his Lordship and His Salvation. Where we become assured that God has revealed Himself in Jesus Christ and by faith we believe and accept this revelation and thus His Righteousness becomes our righteousness and we have claim not only to the title of righteousness but better to the benefits of being in relationship with Him… His Mercy His Grace His Protection His Provisions His Healing His Peace and the list goes on. 

Lastly The Psalmist declare this is the Day the Lord that Lord Has Made Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad In It is not a reference to a specific weekday nor any designation of a day but rather to awareness of Salvation. Walking in Salvation is a pivotal turning in our life which allows us to know something of The unique value about The Lord God. He is Eternally Consistent. What He starts He sustains…  Your salvation once extended is never revoked by Him nor does it require renegotiation. He is same today as He was yesterday. He will be the same tomorrow as He was today. He will be the same Next week as He was this week, next month as He was this month and next year as He was this year….. To further prove this point, The Psalmist concludes this book with the very words that he starts the book with because The Lord God is Eternally Consistent Omni Present Omnipotent and All Knowing He never changes ….When we know that we know then we can declare This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made And I Will Rejoice And Be Glad In It.