Today Is The Day Of Salvation

I I. Cor. 6:1-2

This Simple appeal to the Corinthian Church is in essence The Heart of The Gospel and God has chosen to reveal it.  

Paul discloses His  effective plan that keeps The focus upon Christ and Those who     He desires to reach.

I want to look at this simple 3 Fold approach.

First He Commissions   Others who ourselves have been unsaved. Individuals like myself who know firsthand the hold and power of sin prior to salvation and the activities of sin once saved ….

The best witness is always someone who has experience what is possible. I’m struggling with weight loss. I have been trying to inquire among people about their opinions and different approaches.  My physician asked me the other day, how many of those people have been people who have lost significant weight. It was one of those aha moments when light came on and I realized that I am going about this wrong. If I am going to effectively lose weight then I am going to have to find and inquire of those who have effectively done so only they can help my quest. The Lord’s offering of Salvation comes with The Testimonials of those who once were lost but are now saved.

Now most don’t have a problem with the fact of our need for salvation, in fact we are keenly aware so much so that we try to camouflage ourselves. The there are those who are brazen in their sinfulness both of whom many times foster the attitude that when the right time comes I’ll do it then. The fallacy is that we may never identify our right time but truth is the Lord has created His right time. His Word says that He has heard our soul’s longing and seen our eternal condition.

So when does The Lord declare the Best time? I’m glad you asked. The Lord says the best time is now. Now is what we have for certain.  We cannot predict the next second minute hour day or week but we do have now. The good news is that most of what happened to impact our lives prior is past history which cannot be reclaimed but salvation is always a relevant right now possibility. Beloved The real question becomes what are you going to choose right now. Salvation is available now. Now is the acceptable time. Today is the Day what are you going to choose? The Choice is yours. Carpe Diem is the Latin Phrase that means Seize The Day. Make the most of the present rather than dwelling on the future. Now is what have. Whatever you are going to do in your pursuit or quest for salvation do it now.