When Life Happens. Luke 19:28-48

My wife uses this phrase often to describe those moments in life when insulating layers are peeled back and where we are exposed to the realities of life. Jesus had come to this pivotal juncture in His Ministry where He must reveal the true purpose for which He has come into the world. While each Gospel gives an account of His entry only Luke and John detail His plan to reveal His preparation and death. 

I want quickly to make 3 observations on the part of Jesus about When Life Happens.

First Beloved you have to prepare and embrace your Purpose . From the time of His birth Jesus never stands still. His ministry is ever evolving into it’s purpose. He never allows stagnation; hence He never loses focus of His Purpose. When Life Happens know your Purpose!

Next He never allows anyone to diminish His Position. When life happens only those who have established a sense of purpose and Positioned ourselves within that purpose are secure. Clearly Jesus’s Purpose was to do The Will of His Father.  His Position was and is being The Son of His Father. This Position is Irrevocable. However perfecting our revelation of this position could have deadly consequences. When Life Happens Affirm your Position in Christ.

Lastly when life happens trust that Lord’s Anointing will always affirm your value and confirm your identity.  A donkey was not the preferred beast of royalty it was a beast burden. A symbol of those who are disenfranchised and cut off yet The Messiah enters into Jerusalem riding a donkey thereby preluding salvation purpose and position for those who have been disenfranchised by sin. His anointing becomes our anointing when we entrust Him. When life Happens make sure He is The Center Of your Life. His Anointing will Cover us.