Fishing For Disciples  Luke 5:1-10

Jesus enters into the ship of Simon Peter and Andrew his brother which represented their lives as well as their livelihood.  He impacted their lives and improved the efficiency of their livelihood and those connected to them namely James and John. What does He do to exercise their discipleship?

First He enters their lives and gains their trust. He tells them what to do and inspite of their reservations He commands their trust.  He is resolute regarding His command and eliminates room for doubt. 

Next upon entering their lives, He rewards their faith by directing their lives to a place of enhanced productivity.  In fact not only do they find what they previously have determined was not there but they are again made to  reaffirm their partnership with each other to achieve their livelihood as well as their new life venture. Upon the success of This Messianic Intel, the lives of Andrew and Peter and James and John become further in twined. 

Finally upon entering their lives, He affirms their destiny. “Do not be afraid from now on you will catch men.”

He accomplishes what He enters their lives for, their surrender to a Higher Purpose and Plan. Beloved The Lord has a Higher Plan and Purpose for our lives. It begins with a simple surrender to His desire to enter in and navigate our lives.  Accept His call today and we too will become “Fishers Of Men.