Gospel According To Jesus Luke 4:18-19

God’s Testing is ultimately a sign of God’s Preparation.  Jesus had just endured a rigorous 40 day temptation experience no coincidence that it was after being confirmed as the Messiah but more relevantly identified as the Lamb of God who takes away all sins. God was preparing His Son to be His Agent of Salvation and Grace.

Jesus uses this Temple as a Public Platform to announce His Public Ministry of The Gospel.

Next He reveals the nature of His Gospel. The Good News is

TO Be PROCLAIMED! The Standard for preaching is to utilize a Spoken Word Method where The Gospel is literally heard as it is extracted from The Book, The Word Of God. Note Jesus goes into The Temple and Note He reads from and expounds upon The Word Of God. Hence The Gospel is The Good News of The Word Of God.

Then He details 3 Powers of The Gospel :

First, The Gospel SETS CAPTIVES FREE! The Gospel is The Power of God to break the bondage of sin. To effect release from the hold and reign of sin in our lives.  Spiritually Enslaved People live as slaves. Free people lead lives of freedom when freedom is spiritual. “Who The Lord sets free is free indeed.

Then The Gospel has the power to:OPEN BLIND EYES: The Gospel is a Spiritual Resource and even though it effects physical wholeness it’s primary objective is to heal us spiritually. It opens our eyes to see truth from the prospective of God. To understand that sight which is tempered with faith and belief in Him who is Divine discloses far more than the naked eye can see.

Then The Power of The Gospel provides:RELEASE FOR THE OPPRESSED! You will remain locked in your situations in and of your strength but The Gospel has The Power to deliver and free us from oppression.  The only enslavement that is worthy of consideration is enslavement to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Finally The Gospel is the announcement of:

The AVAILABILITY OF FAVOR. The Season of God’s GRACE AND MERCY. Note the emphasis of brevity, The Year Of Salvation but The Good News is that it is available now. Beloved it is of the utmost urgency that we take advantage of this this offering while He is extending it. This Season will not last forever. I rather receive Grace and Mercy than to experience judgment without His Grace and Mercy. The Gospel offers His Grace freely to all who receives Him and to experience His Grace automatically invokes His Mercy. Beloved The Gospel simplified is an invitation to “taste and see that The Lord is good”.