Tricks Of The Devil. Luke 4:1-12

Chapter 3 of Luke’s Gospel ends with the identification baptism and genealogy of Jesus to set the stage for His Ministry. From the outset Jesus is forced to establish priorities and parameters in His Ministry.  The Essentials of any successful ministry is the foundation or truth that it is predicated upon. 

After some Awe Inspiring Inaugural Events  of Messiah Reveal and Baptism. The Bible says Jesus is led into the wilderness by The Spirit and while in wilderness he is confronted by Satan and tempted for 40 days and consequently the devil thinking The Lord to be in a weakened state attempts to attack The Foundation of Jesus’s Ministry.  Now most of us think we are doing well to survive 15 minutes of satanic attack but Jesus has been targeted for 40 days and now Satan thinking that Jesus is fatigued attempts to obliterate the foundation of His Ministry.  

The first attack is to make Jesus denounce and deny His Daily Sustenance. 

He offers Jesus a

Sustenance that Satan cannot sustain.     He offered The Lord bread not realizing that God’s Word also provides sustenance for The life of The Believer. Equally important as a good physical diet is a nourishing partaking of The Word Of God.

Satan’s next Trick would have quickly made most of us succumb. He offers Jesus prestige and worldly power in exchange for Jesus’s worship of him. Jesus quickly reminds Satan that strong relationship encourages allegiance and will prevent one from giving Worship To Unworthy Sources. God’s command is to worship The Lord God and Him only to render our service. Any person object idea or concept which is allowed to entertain our worship is blasphemy. We must always work to make The Lord the priority of our lives and the only focal point of our Worship.

The Last Trick of The Devil is  to reduce our daily walk into a continuous Theatrical Spectacle that Belittles The Sovereignty of God.

There was a period of Signs and Wonders which Christ used to gain The Confidence mainly of His Disciples and identify Himself as The Messiah. His Place and Position as Lord and Messiah have been solidified. The Lord does not need to resort to trickery and ostentatious antics to get our devotion. If we cano trust a daily revealing, an empowering worship and a confirmed birth death burial and resurrection, then the problem is yours. Jesus’s statement to Satan was simply that the facts speak for themselves.  No sensational on our part is required because we have A Sensationally Sustaining Savior.