The Foci Of Love. Romans 12:9-10. 

Paul uses this letter to Roman to discuss the relationship of believers with Christ through the Gospel. This Congregation particularly having come from an uniquely Gentile background needs specialized focus with adapting to The Christian Life. 

 However I want to look at 3 focuses (foci) to love found in this 12th Chapter.

First the one is Genuine  Love.  He asserts love should not be hypocritical esoterically shallow nor conveniently or inconveniently invisible but rather consistently genuine. Jesus said,

“that by this shall all men know that you are my disciples that you love one another. “ Genuine Love Reveals and Identifies its Source.

Next Paul suggests that genuine love’s focus is Transformative. It always embraces that which is good and that which promotes goodwill. Love always seeks to build up and never to destroy. It always lifts it’s focus above that which is negative mundane and unhealthy. Transforming the way we think see value experience and express life and relationships with believers and nonbelievers.

Lastly Paul states that love focuses on being Relationally Affirmative. His challenge to the Roman Church is to bond so intimately that your love reveals that bond. Intentionality should be the trademark of our love for Christ and each. This type of Love aims at a higher level of brotherhood. A bond that is not easily broken and never without sacrifice. A love that never focuses upon who is showing love or who is receiving love but rather on who is The Source of our love. Christ makes love real because by definition He is Love.