The Example Of Love  I Cor. 13

Beloved we live in a twofold world.  First we are prone to short cuts and next we always expect sensationalized results.  Paul opens this discourse on love  by setting some Proper  prospectives and expectations.  Literally he says,

Love is not sensationalized gestures. Things nor wild activities can ever be substitute for relationship. Love is about building a relationship.

Next Paul talks about how that relationship is built. He says with Patience and Kindness. Loving and learning to love takes time and effort.  It requires a commitment to practice and mastery.

Love is consistent and progressive goodwill. In so doing it redefines what is really significant.

Lastly Beloved, Love is a foundation that expresses itself in Faith and Hope but it is always stronger.  On days when faith and/or are hard to identify love is a sustainer.  Love is a Keeper and the God News is God is Love.