The Power of Love I Peter 4:8-10

What an appropriate day to be reminded of the need for love and the mandate to love.

As time becomes closer to the end, basic spirituality becomes more difficult to identify. As believers, it becomes more necessary for us to truly become a support system for believers.

Peter gives a simple formula to remind us of necessity to love.  

First,  his admonition for living in an indifferent world is to keep loving. Keep demonstrating the superiority of love so that it’s dynamics are consistently on display in our lives.

Next, Peter uses a grammatical tool, talking about love in the demonstrative case.  He says continued love, this kind of love covers a multitude of sin. Beloved the Power of Loving and Forgiving overshadows all the hurtful harmful and horrific  acts of life.

Lastly Peter talks about the Spirit with which we should demonstrate love. He says that our hospitality or love should be done without grumbling.

Complaining about doing what’s is right to do, weakens the effect of the deed. Doing without reservations allows the deeds to reach even beyond where it is intended. Love just like “The Blood” reaches from The Highest Mountains and Flows To Lowest Valleys.”