Testing The Spirit. I John 4:1-6

Beloved our Millennials have “coined” a phrase “you better stay woke “.  This phrase addresses the tendency that each of us exhibits when just going along and not paying attention to indicators and actions that are contradictory to right behavior.

John in this 4th Chapter of his first epistle challenges Believers to be vigilant about some things. The first area of scrutiny is The Spirit.

First he He says Test The Spirit. Beloved there are some who are already saying to themselves that you don’t test God when His Word tells over and over again to do so. The truth of the matter is you will never believe God until you allow Him to prove Himself in your life.

John says that if person or motivating influences in your life is genuine , they will confesses and affirms The Lordship Of Jesus Christ.  Also that Jesus is a viable real physical and present reality. Not just a prophetic school of thought but that He is real and is an individual.

Next that He has been Divinely sent from God to believe otherwise is to be AntiChrist, which is one and anyone who perpetuates and subscribes to The Teaching that Christ is not real and does not come from nor belongs to God.

Finally John’s admonition. Stay Woke. You have overcome. Keep doing what The Word Teaches. Do not become enticed and entangled in the world. God’s Spirit Is The Spirit Of Truth! Stay with Him and those who affirm Him. 

Beloved there is Power in the name Jesus. There is Salvation through Jesus. There is Security in the Family of Jesus.  Then there is Hope andHelp and Truth in The Spirit of Jesus.