Joy Is Coming In The Morning. Psalms 30:5

Perhaps one could rightfully say on this Lord’s Day that we are living in Dark Times. In fact, The Night Of Life has set in upon our lives.  

However, Beloved The Good News is Night does not last forever. Uncontrolled Covid-19 Death Unemployment Depression Post Trump Displays Of Hatred Bigotry and Racism are The Major Themes of this New Year.  Beloved I tell you this is a dark and dismal time.  Perhaps  you like myself are asking how do you deal with times like these. I’m glad that you ask and I want to suggest a couple of options.

First don’t focus on the symptoms of darkness but focus on Who is able to dispel  darkness.  Darkness is a symptom where light is obscured.

David writes this Psalms as he is preparing to Dedicate The Temple and prior to its occupancy Israel had known some dark days. But David Focused upon what God did during Dark Times that made a difference. God delivered Him from enemies and circumstances so rather than cursing the times, Focus on Who is control of Time:

Darkness is merely a symptom but God is The Source. Rather than whining about what you don’t see Praise God and ask Him for what you desire.  He knows our predicament and “ He that keepeth Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.”

Next Beloved: Praising God always arouses His Favor.

Start thanking God in Advance and asking Him for what you desire, faithfully believing that God can and wants to based upon our relationship to Him and who He is to us. Yes it is a two way street. We have to be faithfully willing to entrust our loyalty and devotion to Him as well as exacting His favor for us. And the Psalmist says that when these dynamics are right you don’t have to succumb to defeat or doom because The Lord transforms panic into peace resulting from whining into expressing Joy. 

Beloved let’s not curse the darkness but rather call upon The Light.  The Light Of The World. His Light is always accompanied by Peace and Joy.