Child Like Humility: Matthew 18:1-4

Marcia and I had the distinction of your the presence of Jaxon on last night and this morning. And much as he bosses the house, there are still unending lessons of humility.

Jesus say to His disciples that rank and profile title or position are not Kingdom badges nor Kingdom identity.

Let me lift 3 quick things implicit in this child. 

The child represents someone who will head to invitation to come to Jesus and receive Him without any hidden agenda. The child came simply because he was summoned. Unlike the disciples who we were contemplating greatness. The child simply accepts an invitation to be in The Master’s Presence. 

Next The Child show Kingdom adaptability.       The scripture says after he comes to Christ, that Jesus placed him. Notice this child does not complain nor does he attempt to bargain or barter for new place or position. He finds contentment with being placed in the Presence of The Lord.

Lastly He shows Kingdom Value. He value is far more significant than his age. In fact Jesus implies that his value is synonymous with Kingdom possibility. The Kingdom never grows without Kingdom Youth. Youthful vitality is the lifeblood of the Kingdom and Jesus pronounces a death sentence upon anyone who impedes it. In fact He says of youth,  Of such is The Kingdom Of Heaven. Beloved Let’s rethink how we see things.