The Call To Reconciliation.  II Cor. 5:17-21

This New Year Hopefully Is Affording Us 3 Things:  New Chapters New Chances and New Choices. 

We are living in a World which is splintered and split apart. Separated by race politics gender socioeconomic status education and the list goes on and on. In fact we could focus so much on what separates that we blind ourselves to mutual needs and possibilities.

Paul reminds that there are some necessary offerings extended mutually to everyone.

First: The Invitation to be In Christ. Jesus’s Invites All who will accept to Salvation. If we accept it not only does change our futuristic place of abode but it also makes us reevaluate our present reality and obligates to work to move from confines of separation into a Christly or Kingdom Community of Reconciliation.

 3 quick responses to this invitation to reconciliation and I have already listed.

The First is Acceptance which will redirect our lives into New Chapters. When Jesus saves us our lives change. Life has to move in a new direction.  Old Things are no longer the focus and do not matter thus are not worthy to be standards by which life is lived or judged.

All things are becoming new.

The Newness of Life is exhilarating and zestfully challenging. New Life requires Learning to do life differently which is an eternal task. Thus Christ extends us New Chances. New Mercies to extend to others the very Grace that has been given to us. To demonstrate that reconciliation is a give and take venture. Jesus said that being forgiven obligates us to forgive.  Thus receiving of Mercy obligates to grant Grace. Each interaction will give a new opportunity to exercise these dynamics. Christ is The Lord of A New Chance and This Life is “Big Pregnant with New Chances.

Lastly Reconciliation is The Christian Standard but can only be achieved by steadfast resolve and determination. A resolve that leads us to abandoning old thought processes and to learn the strength that comes with New Choices, Choices only afforded in The New Life. These are not just random choices but are bedded in an intimate relationship with Christ. Tempered and seasoned with prayer and meditation. Rooted in The Word of God. Paul suggest for Believers A Daily Renewal of Mind and Spirit. Reconciliation exacts that we implore the same detail and precision toward each other that Christ demonstrated in reconciling our sins on The Cross. In short let’s interact with each other the way Jesus interacts with us.