A New Beginning For A New Year  Ephesians 4:22-32

The fact is now that 2020 is behind us.  So many things could have and should been better. Many things that were out of our control but must take responsibility for things that we were responsible for. I am guilty of inflictions and neglects in 2020 and this message speaks to me personally.  

Paul’s encouragement to this is Ephesian Church is a practical encouragement of Church Unity. However in the last ten verses, he gives some wholesome relational suggestions that I want to lift on this first Sunday Of The New Year.

First he says Lose sight of who you were and Focus on who you are becoming.  Who you were has nothing to do with The Lord’s Kingdom Design of who we are destined to become. Do not allow fear of faith development or familiarity and comfort with a sinful past to rob us of the development for the Christian Life. This Life is a progressive life. It cannot be lived in the old garments of carnality. It requires a different attire a different attitude and a different resolve.

Next he says practice the dynamics of Kingdom Living.  Live like we belong to Christ. Talk like you’re His. Treat each other as if we belong to Him and no differently as we would treat Him. Even in the best of our efforts know that we will fall short so be readily open for personal accountability and reconciliation. “Do not let the sun go down on your wrath.  Work to assure that The Holy Spirit gives approval to both our actions and reactions.

Lastly boldly display symbols or accessories of The Christian Life.  Kindness. He’s talking about more than a smile but an inward warmth which radiates outwardly. A consistent disposition which makes the personal and The Church atmosphere and experience winsome and desired. A wholesomely kind Attitude will do a lot to increase the Church’s Altitude. 

Then the badge of tender heartedness. It’s good to be kind but then add to that elements of caring and Grace and Mercy.  Be loving enough to extend what is unearned and perhaps undeserved to others simply on the basis of what and how we have received of The Lord and others.

  • Lastly and probably the most appealing accessory, is forgiveness. This virtue is selfless. It reminds us over and over again that Christian walk is not about us. It is an attestation that we deal with imperfect people as we are imperfect and the need for forgiveness is consistently ongoing for both us and others. Beloved do not revel in the fact of what you had to forgive others for if you have indeed forgiven because what you were forgiven for is and equally as hurtful to others but when we seek to be forgiven we should seek to forgive. And when forgiving and receiving forgiveness becomes an important part of our Christian walk we affirm the validity of Christ’s claim upon our lives. 
  • So Beloved in 2021 let’s identify and strive to emulate or reflect Him. Let’s     walk talk act and live like Him. Then let’s encourage and forgive like Him to allow Him to Reign in 2021.