Signs Of Hope Fulfilled  Isaiah 9:6-7

A couple of days ago we celebrated the fulfillment of This Promise revealed through Isaiah.  It was revealed at a time when The Human Condition was much like it is today. Evil Greed Power and Ego were paraded as essential tools for governmental strength and leadership and The World had become a literal progression of what nation could One Up The Next One.

The moral compass, The very conscious of humanity had been discarded and replaced with a desire to dominate and control. The very ideal which breeds sociopathic and totalitarian behavior such as is on display in our world today and in our very nation.

God then as He will in our time reminds us that He is control.

 He gives Isaiah a vision of Child would be born to rule.  Hezekiah, The son of Ahaz unlike his evil father is a righteous king but the Prophecy was deeper than Hezekiah. 

The prophecy was regarding Jesus Christ.  Hezekiah’s birth was natural Jesus’s was supernatural. Hezekiah’s father died in shame. Jesus’s Father yet lives in Majesty and Glory.

The Government was upon His Shoulder because He was part of The Creative Process. He alone demonstrates an untainted concept to ruling and reigning. Each Judgment of His is righteous and sinless.

Wonderful Counselor. Not only does He possess character but He inspires it and makes it a requirement for interaction and fellowship with Him.

Mighty God and Everlasting Father.  He is the express image of His Father. Unlike Hezekiah who notably was different from his father. Jesus’s Father gives Him everything to emulate.  He and The Father are one.

The Prince Of Peace. The one who removes all peace disturbing factors of life and secures peace. The one whose shed blood creates tranquility for all inadequacies and anxieties of life. 

The Prince Of Peace Who Was Mary’s Baby. The Wise Men’s Bright and Morning Star. Israel’s Messiah The Disciples Rabbi The New Tesatment Believers Lord and Savior and The Worlds Emmanuel !!!