Signs Of Hope Part III A Tribute To Mary Luke 2: 19;49-51

We certainly never want lose focus of Jesus being The Focus of This Holiday Season but this season would lose relatability if we dismiss the support staff of the Jesus’s Incarnation Saga. They are presented in forms of Angels parents shepherds aunt uncle cousin 

priests prophets prophetesses kings magi lawyers temple goers and etc. There is quite a supporting cast but I want to focus on one in particular. I want to focus on Mary.


  • Mary when visited by The Angel Gabriel listened and inquires but never doubting hears The Plan Of Salvation and her role in making God’s Plan to become reality. In fact she affirms her availability to God by declaring herself as The Lord’s Servant and her faith by saying Let’s do what God has said. 

Let me suggest Beloved that during This Holy Season that we seek to find a deeper purpose of who we are to God and how He desires to use us to accomplish His will. Mary’s response was one of Availability. She says that whatever God wants to do in my life. I commit myself to Him and I am willing and ready to be used of Him. She says “Lord I’m Available To You, Use me Lord”.

Because of Mary’s Faith and Availability, God gives her two Assurances and our Text for today highlights those assurances.

First in Luke 2:19. God gives reaffirmation of who This Christ Child is. He reaffirms her role and place in The Ministry of Jesus. Beloved let say that we can’t play Mary’s role but there are post birth assignments and the requirements are the same as was for Mary; availability and commitment to serving. How will we answer The Call To The Cause Of Christ. 

 On This Lord’s Day, I pray that Mary’s example will encourage your hearts. Know well that The Lord will reaffirm that your decision for Him is indeed The Right Decision. He will give you a peace and joy with which to do and serve for Him but more importantly He will reaffirm the truth your decision.

Next  after the visit of these Magi and the dedication of Jesus in  The Temple, there is a void. Nothing is recorded until this account in Luke 2:49-51. Here The Family has gone to observe The Passover and upon it’s conclusion and their departure, they discover that Jesus is not in their caravan. They return to Jerusalem and search for 3 days before finding Him in The Temple discussing and teaching The Law among The Authorities. Some raise the Argument that He had during these become Bar Mitzvared which could explain his participation in Temple discussion. But Mary and Joseph find Him and witness His interaction, They like the rulers are astounded by His knowledge and clarity of The Law. When Mary inquires of his lack of presence, He responds, Is it not written that I should be about My Father’s Business.

Again it says Mary pondered these things… 

Next God gives Mary confirmation. The promise that He had made to her more than twelve years ago.  The invitation extended to participate in The Incarnation Of Deity has not been lost nor obscured with time. The Temple experience is the confirmation that God is working to reveal who Jesus is. Perhaps Beloved over the years that we have become so familiar with The Christmas Story that God needs to Reconfirm our for focus on The Christmas Savior. Yes Mary This Baby You Birthed in Bethlehem is The Savior. And Beloved let us remember This Christ Child does grow to become A Man A Master Teacher A Rabbi A Suffering Servant  A Sacrificially  Crucified Lamb A Risen Savior. Beloved Mary’s Confirmation ought to be our Motivation accept Christ and make Him our Lord of Our Life.