Signs of Hope Part II Matthew 2:1-12

Today’s message is a reminder of how we find The Disclosure  Jesus’s Birth is of a Divine Nature.  Each January 6th, some Christian religions celebrate Epiphany which is a holiday to commemorate the manifestation of the Christ Child to Gentiles.  This word epiphany means a revealing a disclosing or intuition which explains the Divine Usage of the Star uniquely deemed as His Star.  Now nowhere in scripture does it say that it was     3 or anymore or less wisemen . Also in some versions we have equated them to kings which is most likely untrue. 

But what we do know is that mean from the known Eastern World of that day. What today would be Iraq Iran Saudi Arabia Yemen Turkey places given to Ishmael.

I want for a moment to focus upon the gifts offered since scriptures does reveal this:

The first is gold. Gold has a spiritual significance of Kingship on earth. God has once and for all times has given a Divine King who will reign eternal and Whose Kingdom is inclusive of Gentiles. Beloved This King is born with you and I in mind.

Next He was offered frankincense. An incense that was offered to symbolize Deity because of it’s uplifting effect and aroma. It creates an ambiance which is spiritually enhancing. A meditation and prayer enhancer. His advent offers a time to draw near to God to experience the presence of Emmanuel.

Next myrrh was used for embalming and it was symbolic of the humanity of this Child which will culminate in death. His death becomes the door of opportunity for salvation for Jews and Gentiles. 

Each of these gifts bears witness to the reality of Jesus and the fact of God’s Salvation for all mankind. Thank God for His Perfect Plan Of Salvation.