Signs Of Hope Luke 2:9-14

We have moved into this Holiday Season.  This time of reflection upon The Redemptive Love of Our Heavenly Father through The Incarnated Christ Child. This time of the year affords us opportunity to redevelop a proper focus and perspective regarding the Celebration of Christmas and for a moment to reacquaint ourselves with the Biblical Prospective and Message of This Season.  

I want to lift 3 quick things this Morning.

First Beloved This Season Offers A Celebration Of Enlightenment. The Glory of God always dispels darkness gloom and despair.  In fact Beloved in times of famine drought disease whether Local Calamities or  Worldwide Pandemics the Ultimate solution is for The Glory Of God to be manifest in our time of despair.  Being still and practicing social distancing while praying that the Lord will show Himself in a mighty way to shed light upon the darkness and sinfulness of our times.

Next only should we beseech His Light but also we should Hear and Heed His Message of Salvation. Because God has incarnated Himself in the person of Jesus Christ the Message and Means of Salvation are attainable. Anyone who  believes and calls upon the Name of Jesus shall be saved. This granting of salvation is The True Gift of This Season.

Lastly Beloved, This Season is a season of Rejoicing. The assurance of Salvation over Death. The hope of life in The Eternal Presence of a Savior who had no sin that would condemn Him but had so much love that He sacrificially bore our sins to redeem us. Beloved let’s learn who to really take our cues from. If you really want to know how people act who claim Divine Presence in their lives. Look at the activities of This Heavenly Host. If you have received The Gift Of The Light Of The World, The Savior Of Mankind Then Rejoice. Receive His Joy and Peace and By All Means Give Him Glory. When you know Who You Belong to and By Whose Blood you have blood you have been purchased with, then Praising Our Savior ought to be a daily routine.