Hannah’s Reason For Giving Thanks. I Samuel 2:1-11

Hannah is one of the many Stalwart Women to be encountered in Holy Scripture. She is known for her strong prayer life and her devotion to The Temple and Yhe Ministry of The Priest Eli. Her marriage to Elkanah who practiced polygamy and had children by other wives but Hannah was barren. Because she was barren she steadfastly positioned herself at The Altar praying many times silently with only her lips moving so rhythmically that Eli supposed she drunk.

She makes a vow a promise that if God would give her a son that she would give him back to God. Fast forward Hannah conceives and gives birth to a son, names him Samuel meaning God heard. Once he is weaned then they take him to The Temple and leaves him with the Priest Eli.   Elkanah’s role seems to be only a supportive role because of Lord acceptance to use him to assist Eli as is previewed in Chapter 2:11. 

I want to lift 3 simple points.

First Hannah’s praise was born out of her affliction. The stigma of not only being childless but not being able to conceive amplified by the fact there is another wife who is able to bear children. The anguish of feeling inadequate and derision of others who defined social status by the number of children that you have.  Hannah knew the constant feeling of inadequacy hence she prayed.

Next only did she pray but she Prayed  continuously fasting praying and vowing at The Temple. Beloved how important it to not only have a an active life that is committed to prayer but equally important to have a special place a refuge where the atmosphere is conducive to prayer. She didn’t go the salon nor the casino nor the club she went to The House Of Prayer. She went somewhere where praying was familiar and the atmosphere was right.  Because the Atmosphere was right The Man Of God who had been skeptical is now convinced of her faith and commends itknowing God will reward it. Hence Hannah Conceives.

Lastly now only did she pray and meditate but she made a vow. She promised God if he honored her request that she would give her son back to him. So many of us make God promises of what we will do if He blesses us but never follow through once He blesses us. Such was not the case with Hannah. When she received she put into motion to honor The Agreement that she has made with God. She keeps her word! She affirms her integrity and conveys her Gratitude and Thanksgiving. Samuel does not have to fall prey to unwholesome spirituality because he get hands on tutorage. Responding to God unselfishly unlocks the door to God’s Favor. Beloved God is always wanting to bless us I challenge us to give Him a reason to bless our faithful commitment by upholding our promises and oh how the blessings will flow. I need to tell you that Hannah had more Children and Samuel went on to become A Priest and then A Judge Of Israel. What A Mighty God We Serve.