When Grace Is Amazing John 9

The Chapter tells a story of what appears to be a chance encounter only for Jesus to reveal it is Providential.

Seemingly while walking with His Disciples. Their attention is drawn to this man who was born . They pose the question of whose sin was responsible for his blindness. Was it because of his infant participation in sin or was his blindness the act of irresponsible  behavior on the part of his Parents. 

  • Jesus gives a Confounding Answer. He says he says he is born blind that he might receive Grace. Remember on last Sunday that there were some miracles that certified The Work Of The Messiah: Just like leprosy, blindness from birth falls into that category. Having stated The Working of Grace. He discloses important information about The Expiration of Grace. Expiration of Grace? I’m glad you asked. Grace and Mercy as wonderful as they are are not extended forever. The Lord will rescind them. Grace and Mercy are not Eternal.

So Jesus proceed to heal this man who immediately receives his sight. His life is changed. He’s enjoying “Light Over Darkness” but he has one problem, “The Miracle Review Board”. The Pharisees like too many of our Church Members today who have no satisfying lives of their own and thus find it necessary to insert themselves in the lives and business of others  begin to analyze his healing. They interrogate him not one time but twice , his parents who for fear of being disfellowshipped from The Synagogue confirm his blindness from birth and his sight then refers them back to the son. They even have the nerve to interrogate Jesus.  Now Jesus has deemed this a Messianic Miracle which He has the audacity to do on The  Sabbath. Beloved be careful of allowing trivial traditions to prevent The Move God In Your Life.

So upon the second interrogation they say to this healed man that a sinner gave you sight. He states, whether He be a sinner or not I don’t know but what I do know is that where I once was blind, now I see. Beloved but this is not what made Grace Amazing. 

What made Grace Amazing for him is found in verses 35-37. He believes and receives The Lordship of Jesus Christ. Salvation makes Grace Amazing. Everything else is just an added benefit. As limiting as blindness was he could have been functional and could have been saved and left blind physically. His sight was just a fringe benefit of The Light that radiates in his soul,Salvation extended through The Lord’s Grace and Mercy.

Grace and Mercy unlike salvation have a time limit, an Expiration Date. Make sure if you have not, that you accept Him,Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior of your life before time runs out before “The Night Comes When No Man Can Work” Accepting Jesus makes Grace Truly Amazing.