The Duality Of Thanksgiving. Luke 17: 1-19

Beloved during this season of Thanksgiving Let us be reminded that being Thankful goes beyond just a shallow phrase. I want to look on this morning at a true attitude of gratitude.

Jesus,while traveling with his disciples, encountered a Leper’s Colony. This was a terrain that set aside for leper’s who were required to live in a isolated community to prevent the spread of this dreaded disease.

Upon encountering them these lepers make a conscious effort to not encroach upon the required space of separation but in unison begged Him to Heal Them. Jesus responds with a simple instruction to go show yourselves to the Priest.

Jesus sent the lepers to their priest so that he could confirms the miracle as true and it could only happen with a Messiah around Which Only The Priest Could Validate. It was to make Israel believe and follow Christ and many did believe on this account of what they saw.

While they were going they begin to notice that their leprosy has gone away.

Of the 10, Luke says that 1 turns back and goes to Jesus.  My first point is: Thanksgiving ought to be Personal. There’s no collaboration in his decision to return to Jesus. This individual realized the personal value of The Lord’s Blessings and opted to personally say Thank You. 

Next, Luke says that before he verbalized his thanksgiving that he worshipped. I don’t know if it was intuitive or intentional but I am convinced of my next point. Thanks  giving ought to start as a personal act of Worship. He came with an expression and a heart of gratitude. Beloved that’s what Worship is. It starts internally and is expressed outwardly.

Lastly when Jesus  accepts his gestures of gratitude. Jesus reveals something about him and about thanksgiving. He identifies that this man is a Samaritan (gentle,foreigner) He was not a Jew. My last point is God’s Goodness and Grace is not limited to any specific race. Thus thanksgiving ought to be a universal response to what God has done. It has to start personally but God just does not limit Grace and Mercy to only one race. He is A Universal God so Thanksgiving ought to be collective. Everybody everywhere ought to engage in expressing gratitude and thanksgiving daily. This would eliminate some hate and bigotry that’s why Jesus threw in this caveat of this man not being Jewish. 

Maurette Clark Brown. I Just Want To Thank You Forever and Ever