Beloved on yesterday we  witnessed A   Historical Move Of God not because any one color(blue or red) is any better than the other but because of The Lord’s Sovereignty to remind us that He is still in control.

I would this morning remind us of some cogent facts.  First our nation needs to be reminded That Christianity is a Theocracy (Totally God Ruled) and that we did not elect a king we elected a Spiritual Leader who met the endorsement of God.  Therefore more important than who we endorsed is God’s Endorsement of us. He declares, “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves seek my face and pray then will I hear from Heaven and will heal their land.

Therefore our proper response should be to pray for our elected leaders and to challenge them to seek hear and obey the Voice and Will of God.

Psalms 22:28 (Good News Translation) reminds of 3 things that I want to lift out of hear this morning.

First God Is Sovereign. He does not need Joe Biden but He will use him if Mr. Biden is willing. In fact more importantly, God does not need America but will use her if we are willing to submit ourselves to Him. We need to reresolve or to resolve that we want to follow and pursue The Lord and not suggest that He condescends to following us! God alone is Almighty All Knowing Everywhere and All Powerful. It just makes sense that we should follow Him.

Next The Lord Reigns.

God never abdicates His control. His abilities to rule heal forgive and restore are due to the fact that He Reigns in our lives and that He Reigns is in This World because He is a Ruling God. There’s Nothing that is out of His Control and Only He can fix America and This World when we are willing to submit to Him.

Lastly not only is He Sovereign and Reigning but Last He is Relational. He desires to know us and be known by us individually. He desires to know and bless us collectively as families. Then to know us through Community as Nations in fact His Promise shared to Abraham was to acquaint Himself with and bless The World.

This relationship is so simple. First to believe that God and that He rewards those who diligently seek Him.

Then to believe that He loves us so much that He entered Into The World As A Sinless Man and died as A Perfect Sacrifice for Sinful Mankind.

Then Rose Again on The 3rd Day thereby securing Our Salvation. The simple belief and confession on our part solidifies the acceptance of relationship extended through The Atoning Acts of Love by Christ On The Cross thereby making our relationship mutual.

Beloved let’s resolve to start a fresh in this relationship remembering Who He Is and Whose We Are.