This Bread And This Cup.  Matthew 26: 26-28

Jesus in this 26th Chapter of Matthew set the stage for His Death Burial and Resurrection. He explicitly details The Why’s and The Who’s  by giving explicitly exact details as to how Redemptive Events will unfold.

Graphically these details start to fall into place with Matthew serving as a Play by Play Commentator.

Beloved please take time to read this 26th Chapter in its entirety.

So as we zoom in, the Passover Spot has been secured and The Passover Meal is in progress. Jesus has Blessed The Meal.  (Notice that Jesus prepares for death by praying and prays repeatedly throughout the whole ordeal).

◦Here as Jesus institutes The Lord’s Supper. He takes The Bread. The He declares represents My Body. His Surrender of Body Mind and Soul. His Sacrificial Removal of Devine Embodiment in order to secure the Highest Spiritual Mission. He says, Take and Eat.  Ingest and Consume the idea of Heavenly Protection being offered for human wretchedness. Consume the idea of Perfection being offered for Imperfection. Jesus on The Cross trades places with Sinful Humanity.

Next, He takes the Cup and He says The Cup Represents My Blood which shed for the Remission of Sin. He says Drink of it. Salvation is available through His Blood should we desire to consume. It is an Acquired Taste.  However it has life giving properties.  It has soul quenching effects for anyone who indulges. It is blood that is pure and free of any pollutants. It is blood that is an acceptable Sin Offering by A Holy God. On Calvary, A Fountain of Blood was unsealed from “Emmanuel Veins” All who accept the Atoning Acts of Jesus simply by confessing with our mouths that Jesus died and was raised from death and believing in Our Hearts that these atoning acts were done for us, then we have been RSVP’d for this Communion Sunday.

Thank God for This First Sunday. For This As Often As We Do Moment. Thank For Jesus and His Salvation. Thank God For His Undying and Unfailing Love. Thank God for His Salvation. Thank God The Memory of His Goodness and The Crowning Expression of His undying Love.