CATCHING A Vibe IV: Sustaining A Vibe. Psalms 34:19-22

The Psalmist ends this 34th number by stating this unique relationship can be maintained by keeping the right Positional relationship with God.

Far too many times we focus so much on our afflictions until we desensitize our our ears and spirits from hearing the Voice Of God.

The Psalmist raises the issue that afflictions and assaults are a routine part of life but the difference is in who responds for you. Jesus said in this World you will have trials and tribulations but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.

How do allow Divine Deity to respond to your dilemma. I’m glad you asked. David has an answer.

First He says by developing a relationship that is Positional and Personal. Here we affirm our allegiance to Godship and our submission to His Lordship of our life. This way we are truthful and sincere when we “we give honor to God who is the head of my life” otherwise it isn’t so.

Learning to submit to Him daily and daily affirming His place but more importantly allowing Him to Reign is the secret to handling and overcoming afflictions. A response that is Positional and Personal.

Next He suggests a Faith that is Certain and Cemented.  When we give our situations to The Lord it ought be because He has a demonstrated track record of proving Himself consistently proficient in handling our dilemmas. Beloved our faith should perpetually remind us that we can depend upon Him. In fact our real concern should be “if it had not been for God on my side” and if we didn’t “know God is blessing us right now”. We must cultivate the practice of using the faith that we already have and solidifying that faith so it is not shaken nor diminished in times of peril.

Lastly my Brothers and Sisters we must trust God’s power to redeem and secure the lives of those of us who belong to Him.

 Beloved when we experience the Power of God working and delivering us out of situations in our lives The Model Ought to hit different. With a bold confidence, Beloved should we be able to trust the process that God will deliver us because we know of His power. He is undefeatable invincible and immutable. God Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The Power touching The Highest Throne of The Highest Kingdom. Submitting To His Power doesn’t make you weak, it makes you Victorious. “Victory is mine and I told Satan to get thee behind” because I have experienced “His Wonder Working Power” which has redeemed and secured my life on Calvary’s Cross and sealed it on Resurrection Morning. May The Lord Bless You Real Good and May you Catch This Vibe which Consumed David.