Catching A Vibe II Psalms 34:2-3

David, The Psalmist, on last Sunday ignites an passionate appeal to the praise and worship of God.

Spending time in Divine Presence creates an Awe which propels him into an explosively personal Worship Declaration. 

However in verses 2&3 David suggests that Personal Worship ought to be infectious. He states His UniquePraise is not just geared toward himself but is offered as a pattern for others. Divine Fellowship is not the express privilege of the well to do but an invitation to men and women of humility. He reaches to those who are need self validation and suggests that such validation can be found in Praise and Worship. Nothing is more empowering for any person than to experience the Awe Inspiring Presence of God.

Thus The Psalmist invites a cooperative venture. He exhorts them to Magnify The Lord Jointly and Collectively to exalt His Name.