Catching A Vibe: Psalm 34

Nothing Can Bless Your Day and Life Like The Perpetual Presence God. Cognizant Divine Presence will empower your life. 

David has discovered some benefits of bonding with God. Namely God alone can be a refuge that provides solace m,forgives transgressions, offers steadfast love and emboldens praise. I want for a moments to focus on the latter,


First David makes this declaration because he has come to realize that his praise has merit. God’s continuous involvement: blessing protecting and favoring just was not coincidental. God meticulously extends Himself Winsomely to those who love trust  believe and belong to Him. If you have survived this Pandemic and know it is because of the grace of God upon your life because you have committed your life to Christ. You like David and myself ought to proclaim I will bless The Lord And His Name Shall Continuously Be In My Mouth.

Next not only does David realize that God merits his praise but he reminds us that our praise is enhanced when it is Intentionally Consistent. Not only should we praise Him but likewise there is not a moment that we should not be praising Him. Our life purpose ought to become extolling the goodness and blessings of God. Everyday for us ought to be a day of thanksgiving as we tasked inventory of all God’s Blessings. The more we count the louder our praise ought to resonate.

Beloved not only should our praise acknowledge God’s Merit and not only should it be Intentionally Consistent but lastly it ought to be Vociferously Voiced. Beloved we should never be timid when it comes expressing our love our devotion and the place that God has in our life. The more we live in His Presence, then the more audible our affirmation of His love ought to be. The more we vocalize our praise of Him the freer we become to praise Him. Likewise the more that we praise Him, the more we realize just how much we have to praise Him for. We get loud and Turn Up for things that have little merit. Certainly we ought to muster strength to Celebrate and Proclaim Him who is the source of our life. Celebrate Him who loves us unconditionally and inspite of all that He knows about us. Speak up for Him who stood up for us on A Hill Called Calvary. Speak up For Him Who Shed His Blood that you and I might be the Beneficiaries of Salvation. So Beloved I invite you to join David and myself as we resolve we will bless The Lord and His Name shall continuously be in my mouth.