Christian Living Series: Romans 12:4-5

Beloved I wanted step back on this morning and glean something out of this text without going into a full blown diversities of gifts that we so frequently zoom in on.

Paul establishes two truths one that we are a collective family a blended family an expanding family yet uniquely comprised and complimented by our unique individuality.

Far too long, we have perpetuated a myth that you have to become somebody you are not in order to be effective members of The Church.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.   The only prerequisite for Kingdom Living is Kingdom Citizenship, Salvation. Kingdom Living is a walk of faith. It’s not designed for perfect people but it has the power to perfect or mature those who engage in Kingdom Living.

Perfection is not and can never be a prerequisite for Kingdom Living. The reality of sin prevents it. Even though we were saved from the penalty of sin immediately. Salvation from the practice and influence of sin takes a lifetime.

Next Paul emphasizes that even though we are individuals, we are created for community.  Each of us has a vital contribution to The Body of the Church. Any contribution that is withheld has a tremendous impact on the Church Body. Withholding promotion stunts the Church’s Influence. Withholding Church Giving stunts The Churches Economy. Withholding Church Attendance stunts Church Community and Withholding Church Participation stunts Church Ministry.

So when we allow the Spirit to lead teach and empower us to participate we are bonded into a family. We are strengthened by solidarity. 

Finally Beloved The Holy Spirit Becomes our enablement to experience the dynamics of Church Life. Stay Connected Stay Involved. Encourage each other to be yourself and minimize each other’s contribution to The Church’s Ministry.