Christian Living Series  Romans 12:13-15

Beloved Paul moves slightly from talking about the Ideals and Dynamics’s of The Christian Life to Rules of Living In Community. Many are quick to suggest that this is argument for Socialism. I deem it a treatise on humanity and certainly a reminder that God’s call is never a solo venture. He calls us to Community:for the Jews, to be A Redemptive Seed of Abraham and for The New Testaments Community a call to be a part of The Family Of Christ. God is not a Socialist Empiricist Democratic or Totalitarian. He is Theocratic which means He is Sovereign in His Rule and He never relinquishes His Rule and He is Righteous and He never ceases to be Righteous.

So Paul continues this discourse based upon humane treatment of individuals in both The Law and Then through The Teachings of Jesus which sets the basis for Christianity.

So he picks up in verse 13 with a reminder that we have an obligation to assure the wellbeing of those who are of The Body of Christ and especially those who are of The Local Church Family. There’s never an extent that I’m not willing to go or do to help to “righteously” meet a need for anyone associated with This Church. Paul says contribute to the needs of The Saints and look to show hospitality.

Now he realizes that we are not all at the same level of maturity and sometimes our loving regard is not always received with the goodwill with which it was intended and sometimes opportunity avails itself to do for someone who is not a fan of ourselves. Our responsibility is to be a blessing to them, to give to their welfare and their needs. This not only enhances our ability to forgive but identifies us belonging to Christ.

Rejoice with those who rejoice and Weep with those who weep. Most of us have little problems with demonstrating sympathy but Paul’s admonition is one of Empathy, not just feeling sorry for our brothers and sisters but putting ourselves in their shoes and doing for them what we would want them to do for us if we were in their situation. So he commands us to learn the blessing and the power of celebrating each other’s blessings and each other’s successes. A thankful heart is a cultivated appreciation. You master it by measuring the appreciation that you have for seeing the joy that receiving has upon others. Then be sympathetic to those who suffer. Never cease to be human and demonstrate heart for others in their suffering.

Finally Paul says live in harmony with each other strive to get along. Have a sustained regard for each other’s welfare. Place A Righteous Value upon each other’s existence. How do you do it. Paul says first by not being status seekers. Learn how to be comfortable with being ordinary. Learn how to identify with those who like ourselves are just mere Vessel’s of Grace. None of us have anything to be arrogant about but everything to be thankful for. Gratitude will always raise your altitude. Next he says something that is equally important. Learn to check your growth by gravitating to people who also need to grow. He says hang with people who are pursuing the same development in Christ as you are. This way we can encourage each other. Don’t seek to run with pope’s be content to serve with disciples. Always know that our mindset is developing and wisdom like wine is best when aged and settled. Bloom where you are Beloved and allow your beauty to be contagious. May The Lord Bless You Real Good with A Church Family That You Can Become and Grow With.