Christian Living Series. Romans 12:9-12

Beloved I want to continue today with this series found in Romans Chapter 12. I have slightly changed the title name to prevent any Website confusion.

Paul uses this chapter to paint a picture on the mental canvas of The Roman Church of what Christianity in action looks like.  He consistently uses verbs to start his sentences and in an attempt to highlight the pro activity of Christian Behavior. He starts off with what we offer to The Lord and how God conditions us to make our offering acceptable to Himself.  

Then he talks about the attitude with is appropriate for receiving God’s grace and gifts and how God uses His gifting to effect a well rounded body.

Next he talks about the identity and dynamics of Christian Behavior and that’s where I won’t to pick up.

Starting at verse 9, Paul suggests that Christianity manifests itself through love. Genuine love he suggests detests and refuses to cohabitate with evil; while embracing and advocating for that which is righteously good. He suggests that our love for each other ought to be most intentional highlighting a bond that is deeply relational.  In fact. Paul challenges us to work at exceeding each other in demonstrating wholesome regard for one another. 

Finally he gives a 3 fold approach for  handling life as A Believer. He says rejoice in hope. Do not lose your hope. Hold to your belief that God is working things out for your good. Practice Celebrating in advance victory over the minor tests that come as you involve yourself in living for Christ. If The Lord be for you then your hope is an Eternal Hope. 

Also Paul says be patient in tribulation.  Listen most of us do not like to have to suffer and struggle. However nothing builds character and resilience like learning how to survive and realizing the power that comes with seeing “The Lord’s Hand Of Deliverance. Use moments of challenge and struggle to cultivate hearing The Lord’s Voice more clearly and remember and reevaluate how when the last test came and went but yet we’re still here. Learn how to develop stamina in the midst of your storms that says if The Lord be with me I’m up for the challenge.

Then he says while loving,while affirming, while serving, while rejoicing and while being patient, he says  pray. Prayer ought to be a daily supplement to the diet of Christianity. Prayer ought be perpetual and eternal. Prayer ought to be done in times of difficulty and in moments of ease. In storms and in the sun.

Scripture teaches men ought to always pray without ceasing. Jesus says not if you pray but when you pray. Yes prayer supplemented every moment of The Master’s Life thus Paul recommends it as supplement to The Roman Church to model in their lives and for you and I to model now.