A Living Sacrifice Romans 12:1-2

Beloved one of the fallacies of The Mo dern Church Life Is we talk about things that we do not take time to explain. One particular area is the idea of a transformed life and fitting into a transformed community.

Paul devotes this entire Chapter twelve to walking individual believers into the community of The Church Body. He paints the picture on the Canvas Of The  Church Community of how fit into the broader Church Fellowship. I want to deal with this in a series 

So that the Post are not too long and taxing for Bro. Barry Douglas Talley. I truly appreciate his contributions to our Church. 

So Paul suggests that as believers our response is first a positional response which necessitates an affirmation of salvation and a declaration to model this new lifestyle in our daily living.

Each day after our salvation The Lord allows our bodies to rise or be resurrected into life’s newness as a testimony of what Jesus did on The Cross and and likewise what he does in the life of Every Believer who personally accepts His Atoning Acts as an invitation for Salvation.

Paul suggests for The Beliver our response to Christ’s Atoning Acts must be intentionally effective. 

First He suggests that we offer to Jesus  and each other what Jesus sacrificed for us. “Present Your Bodies To Him” Because more than anything else that The Lord wants is He wants us spiritually physically and intimately. Giving ourselves to Him constitute worship. He  wants our perpetual worship.

Next He wants our full Attention:

An attention free of worldly distractions. Attention and focus that is disciplined to the dictates Of The Holy Spirit which allows us to declutter our minds and spirits that we may achieve renewal of mind and purpose and discern what God’s perfect will for lives is.

Beloved Change is necessary and change is inevitable. Facilitating change is what proves tone problematic. However Paul offers a suggestion of continuity. Let The Spirit free us each day and empower us to be connected to each other

May The Lord continue to Bless you in your  endeavors to become us and bless us in our endeavors to become we. “I need you. You need me we are all a part of God’s Family.” Most Importantly, “WE NEED HIM EVERY HOUR”!!!!