Rich Man Poor Book 3

Some of you will recall the mini drama series from the 70’s entitled Rich Man Poor Man. So if I may borrow from that title.

Jesus in this chapter has much to say about stewardship. The stewardship of others possessions. The stewardship of Kingdom Discipleship. The stewardship of Kingdom Living. And The Stewardship of Marriage and Divorce.

Next Jesus Commences This Parable Regarding The Stewardship of Living And Dying.

Beloved first This Parable indicates that both were alive but shared different foci of life around them. The rich man is rich he had a daily unlimited supply however his daily focus is on his clothing and his food. This was his daily obsession. He saw only that which benefited his basic center of self. So much so that he was blinded to who came to his gate and those within his gate. 

On the other hand there’s this beggar identified as Lazarus.  We are afforded a glimpse into the life of Lazarus. He was poor. He was a beggar. However he desired better. He moved outside of his place of poverty in quest of an eluding prosperity.

This was their daily life stories. Their daily blessings and curses.

A repetitive cycle of having and not having.

However the parable makes another disclosure. They both died. 

The poor man died and was carried to side of of Abraham.  Abraham is a “Type Of Christ”, a representative of Deity. Lazarus whose life was a quest for better. Lazarus whose life is a picture of the lost the least and the last. Lazarus dies and is carried into the Arms of The Divine.

Next The Rich Man died. The Bible says in Hades or Hell he lifted up his eyes being torment. This man who life had been an picture of comfort and convenience. He immediately was able to see Lazarus, who could not get his focus when living. But Lazarus at peace in Divine Presence.  The rich man’s spirit of entitlement prompts him to request of the Divine to send Lazarus to comfort him. The Master reminds him that the after life is not defined by the former life. Lazarus has graduated from earthly duties and mundane responsibilities.

Next the rich man tries to outwit God and request that Lazarus goes back as A Divine Ambassador but God reminds him of His Divine Workforce and the opportunities afforded through them if heeded. And consequently if not heeded.

Beloved two points. Life is short. Make the  most of this life. Find Purpose beyond ourselves for living. When our life focus is to benefit others especially those who can’t mutually benefit us then our lives become enriching.  

Next Live like life will end and be returned to The Giver.  If this becomes our focus at the end of life death will usher us in the presence of Jesus.