Ripping Off The Roof: Mark 2:1-12

This text reminds us that in a world where limitations abound that when Jesus is in the atmosphere shifts    are unlimited and nothing is impossible.

The Setting is at a home. Jesus is there people have gathered even the Pharisees and Sadducees and two of The Gospel say The Spirit had Shifted upon Him To Heal. Among the crowd is a paralyzed man who is being carried by 4 friends each on the corner of his make shift bedding desiring to bring him to Jesus.  The problem is that because of the crowd they cannot get through; however someone has a shift in their thinking and decides rather than going through, the better goal is to go over. (Beloved don’t miss that) So with Spirit Led ingenuity they rip the roof off this man’s home and lower this paralyzed man through the roof to Jesus and The Bible says when Jesus sees their faith. (friends) He heals this paralyzed man.

Note first of all that this man did not get to Jesus by himself. He had some friends. Thank God for the people in your life who push and propel you to Jesus. Surround yourself with people who can help you out of your situation. It is said that Alex Haley had in his office a picture of a turtle on top of a fence post and when asked how the turtle got on the fence post he bypass that question and offer a better conclusion which is the turtle obviously didn’t get there by himself. His friends carried him to Jesus. Surround yourself with Lifters.


 Strategize and Unleash your creativity. Vision it before you see it. Creativity and Innovation are unique Kingdom Tools.

Blockbuster and traditional Cab Companies because of their lack of innovation have become obsolete because of the innovation of Netflix and Ride Shares who offer a unique accessibilities. Walt Disney died in 1966. Disney World did not open until 1971 and on opening day one tourist says to his brother on opening day too bad he didn’t live to see it but his brother immediately and rightfully responded back indeed he did. Beloved in order to rip the roof off, we need more than a good concept we need a strategy. They couldn’t get through the door so they discovered a new entrance. Never allow closed doors to prevent you from getting to your destiny. Stop being so  easily dissuaded.

Finally Beloved the roof is between them and it represents traditional ways behaviors and norms.  Going through the roof allowed them access to Jesus in a different way and He is impressed by their creativity. Beloved during this pandemic let become intentional in our quest to access Him in different ways. We may not be able get through the door but we can rip the roof off.