The Transformation of Veronica

Each of The Gospel Matthew Mark and Luke give an accounting of a woman who is unnamed in scriptures yet who Church History reveals her as Veronica who lived Caesarea Philippi. This familiar story will hopefully remind us of how potent faith is.  

First Jesus offered Hope For Her Situation.

Prior to her encounter with Jesus she had endured a seemingly hopeless 12 year ordeal which had been and hopeless, nothing better rather worse. After many failures she as herself the question what do I have to lose. In fact the dynamic of her faith says that inspire of all my failures to be healed, I still believe if I can touch the hem of His garment that I can be made whole.

Next her situation offered opportunity beyond desperation. This setting depicts an overpopulated crowd. Jesus has 2 other Ministry endeavors going on and inspire of a densely populated setting this woman succeeds at her endeavor.  Mark uses favorite phrase that Straightway her condition dries up. Beloved faith not fear is the key handling our “ailments and conditions” even in this time of Pandemic.

Finally she received Peace Of Mind and Confirmation Because Of her Faith.   

◦Even if her touch had been unnoticed by the crowd, it had not been unfelt abt The Physician/Healer. He immediately Zooms in on her a raises a rhetorical question aimed at allowing her to tell her story and affirm her faith but moreover to allow Him to confirm her faith and Confirm His identity as the Messiah. Faith in The Messiah Cures And All Diseases.