Essentials For Standing In The Evil Days.  Ephesians 6:10-20

Beloved Recent Events of this week serve as a “sober reminder” that we are living in some evil days. The Assaults and senseless killing of our Young Black Men and Women. I too feel the passion for making an emotionally vocal response until the Lord spoke to me and reminded that Spiritual Warfares requires a Spiritual not an emotional  response. So in the Spirit Of Obedience as difficult as it is for me, permit me to share with you for the next few weeks spiritual  truths for dealing with these Evil Times.

Beloved as I get older the clearer the perception of who we are to God and who He is to us becomes. Paul affirms a present reality of his time and equally as prevalent in ours, the reality of evil. In fact, Paul gives a 3 Dimensional view of this Evil.

First He says it is not human, not flesh and blood because humanity would teach us better. Beloved if we could just see people as people without looking through the tainted and demonic lenses of history we would learn the good of humanity, we would see that flesh and blood is just flesh and blood and it need not be at enmity with each other.

– [ ] Next Paul says our enemy is organized. It is systemic. It just does not just go away. It’s actions are ingrained thus the behavior becomes perpetual. Politicians are a good example they study the mores of particular interest and build philosophy and ideology around their interests. In fact the current President did just that he zoomed in on those who were hungry to spew hatred separation and division. Encouraging those in power to be at ease in metering violence and bloodshed. To rebut this requires a system overhaul which needs to start in November.

– [ ] Finally Paul says it is spiritual;however, not in a good sense. It is the express devilish nature and work of Satan and his demonic domain.

– [ ] Thank God my brothers and sisters that Paul’s declaration is that we can we can stand and withstand without cowering. How do we when so many have paid the ultimate price.     I am glad you asked. He gives some good detailed and cogent advice which I want to lift starting next Sunday…